ALCATRAZ: Ni Dieu Ni Maitre, À Bas La Calotte Et Vive La Sociale [full CD]

Screamo band from France, on Stonehenge rds. Download here:!O5BjEKZS!wz3TiNKTybOhHIpunXBgj9fVzpbrmnZl2F89D2ZRovA


BLACKFIRE: silence is a weapon [full 2 x CD]

Two brothers and one sister from Navajo tribe play angry and melodic punk-rock with political message. The 2nd CD is traditional Navajo music. Link here:!axYXxIwR!MyVO3NMH4w5B8PyTUi3r8kmGtysoXkROcDM1FT6HxSc